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Is the north shore a Safe place to Surf?

Alot of people ask me over the last 30 years, Is the north shore a Safe place to surf for beginners?
Well that is a complicated question, the real answer is Yes! And no!

Surfing for beginners on the north shore of Oahu can be extremely dangerous and tumultuous event if you don’t know where to go.

We have one of the most dangerous coastlines in the world here in the wintertime.

The surf can get gigantic and even the expert surfers have drowned before.  So why not really know and get familiar where you can surf as a beginner on the north shore of Oahu.  It could save your life and give you the thrill of a lifetime!

You have all heard of the Bonzani pipeline, or perhaps Waimea Bay.  These two places are some of the most dangerous in the world and are on the north shore.  They have really famous surfing events here and if you’re standing too close to the shoreline you could get swept out and become a rescue.  So I recommend going to view these waves but do not even attempt to surf them.  Unless we are in the middle of the summer, and it looks like a Lake!  Even then, check with a lifeguard before going out.

On a small spring day or small swell day, we do have a few great spots for beginner surfers.  One is called chuns reef or Laniakea beach.

Both of these can be perfect for beginners.  You will often see surf lessons for beginners going on at these beaches.

So you will feel like your in good company.

During the winter months these are not safe places for beginners to surf.

If you go to a little cove near the town of Haleiwa, there is a spot called Puaena point.  This is the Waikiki of the north shore and super perfect for beginner surfers.  It can be tricky to find a surf lesson for beginner surfers on the north shore of Oahu.

That is, the right surf school.  Make sure this surf school specializes in beginner surfers and have all their permits and know what they are doing.

The surf is usually small and rolling near the beach and provides the perfect small beginner surfer waves.

Although the outside of this cove can still be big and dangerous, if you stay near the shore and hug the right-hand side of the bay here, you should be fine.

If your still not sure where to surf at this cove, take a surf lesson here on the north shore of Oahu.

We have a had a surf school for over 25 years and specialize in beginner surfers and would be happy to show you how this wave work at puaena point.  Where to line up and catch waves and stay safe.

Hope to see you soon!


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