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Turtle Tours

Get Up Close & Personal with Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles. Book Your Tour Below!

North Shore Turtle Tours

The North Shore of Oahu is home to hundreds of Hawaiian green sea turtles who share many of the same beaches Sunset Suzy’s Hawaiian Surf School chooses for beginner surf lesson on Oahu. The turtles, and beginner surf students generally opt for sheltered bays protected from open ocean waves with plenty of soft sand where one can easily drag themselves out of the water to nap in the sunshine. Turtle tours are $50 per person and include a two-hour guided tour of where our beautiful Hawaiian sea turtles like to swim. We have some great secret beaches where we always find our turtles basking in the sun or taking a nice swim near our beautiful shore lines. We do provide masks and snorkels, snacks, and water and some amazing close encounters with Hawaiian sea turtles you will never forget!