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Kids’ Surf Camps in Hawaii

Sunset Suzy offers kids Surf Camps on Oahu!

Come and surf on the beautiful Northeast side of Oahu with Sunset Suzy and friends! The Northeast side of Oahu is calm and beautiful! I have a secret beach that is away from all the crowds and is filled with perfect waves and Hawaiian sea turtles. The water is always warm and turquoise blue here, and the soft fun beginner waves are a surfer’s dream!

The Fun small waves and turtles make a great week for a Kids Surf camp! If you have a child who wants to surf this summer and is looking for a day camp, please come and join my surf camp! All levels of surfers are welcome! This camp is perfect for locals or those on vacation who already have a place to stay.

My Next camps start July 8th-10th 12th 2024 and July 22nd-24th-26th

From 10-1pm
Sometimes time varies slightly depending on tide.

  • The cost is 250.00 per child for three days of camp.
  • We like the kids to be at least 6 years old. And know how to swim.
  • Contact Suzy directly to book your camp! 808-780-6963