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Oahu Surfing Lessons

Lessons for Beginner & Intermediate Surfers in Oahu. Book Your Oahu Surf Lessons Below!

Hawaiian Surf School

Sunset Suzy’s Hawaiian Surf School offers private surf lessons on Oahu for beginners and intermediate surfers. Often taking her students to the lesser-known or “secret” surf spots to avoid the tourist crowds, Sunset Suzy can take you to the best possible location to complement your skill level and the current weather and ocean conditions. A private surf lesson on Oahu ensures you receive the highest possible ratio of student to teacher attention during your Oahu surf lesson. If you want to get the most out of your limited time surfing, a private surf lesson on Oahu is the way to go. Suzy can meet you where you are with your skill level and work with you on a beginner level or more advanced. We work on timing, catching your own waves, popping up, turning, wave selection, body position, and catching some bigger waves.