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About Sunset Suzy

Aloha, everyone! My name is Sunset Suzy. Thanks for visiting my website! Please let me tell you a little about myself! I was the only female lifeguard here on the north shore of Oahu  and have been teaching surfing now to beginners for over 25 years here on the beautiful islands of Hawaii!  I also played a surfer girl In the Movie “Blue Crush” and was a stunt women for “Bay Watch Hawaii”. With my experience in lifeguarding and ocean knowledge, I started a surfing school to help beginners learn the awesome thrill of surfing! Thankfully, here on the North Shore of Oahu, we have a super fun small wave that provides perfect beginner waves for you to learn on!

This cove also has beautiful sea turtles that come up to say hello to you while you’re learning how to surf! You should know a lot about your surf instructor before choosing the surf school for you and your family! It’s important to make sure they know what they are doing, if they are permitted, and have experience teaching beginners how to surf.  Most importantly, does the surf school provide a safe atmosphere for your family or yourself learn how to surf?

With all my lifeguard experience over the years here in Hawaii, I have been professionally trained in how to teach people ocean safety and how and where to enjoy the ocean safely.  The winter months can have big surf but there are safe, small wave coves that are still perfect for beginners. So, before you choose a Hawaii surf school please take your time to learn more about your surf instructor!  My dogs and I  would love to show you and your family where and how to surf safely here in beautiful Hawaii and also come into close encounters with some sea turtles! My sweet golden retrievers Kaya and Coco are with me every day helping me teach you how to surf! We hope to be surfing with you soon!