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Sunset Suzy’s Surf Camps in Hawaii

Escape from reality into paradise at Sunset Suzy’s Surf Camps! Located on the beautiful North Shore of Oahu, home to some of the world’s best waves on the planet.  The north shore is loaded with surf breaks that cater to the beginner and intermediate surfers.

Come and stay in Suzy’s Surf Camps and enjoy relaxing in paradise as you gaze out into your front yard of Hawaii’s sapphire blue ocean, perfect waves, and white sand beaches lined with coconut palm trees. Take a stroll on your own private beach and find your own coconut tree to relax under. Follow Suzy to find secluded waves and make your dreams of surfing off of Hawaii become reality.

Sunset Suzy’s Surf Camps are filled with fun in the sun, surfing warm Hawaiian waves, swimming into pools of waterfalls, swimming with sea turtles, hiking through rainforests, and discovering the true beauty of Hawaii. Our Surf Camps bring together the best of surfing on Oahu with a dreamy Hawaiian getaway!

Come and enjoy Sunset Suzy’s Surf Camps and encounter a week of surfing on Hawaii and adventure you will never forget!  Let us know when you can go! If you can’t make it to our scheduled  Surf Camps, just call Suzy to organize your own Oahu Surf Camp!

I am holding now Camps:

January 8-13th
February 12-17th
May 13-18th
Cost 2450.00
Camps last for 5 nights- 6 days

All camps include:

Accomadations at our beautiful beach bungalows,  Transportation, Massage, Daily Surf Safaris to the best surf for the day, All activities like Swimming with Sea Turtles, Hikes to waterfalls, Island tours, snorkeling, and much more.

Fun Night life at our Surfer bars With live music. Bon Fires and more!

Contact Suzy if you would like to learn more.

Surf lessons on Oahu with sunset Suzy.

Women’s Surf camps

Surf camps on Hawaii can be so fun!  Some surf camps also can not be what you’re expecting. While looking for surf camps in Hawaii make sure you look at each surf camp’s weekly schedule. Ask yourself what do you want to do the most for the week.  If the answer is surf!, make sure the surf camps offer surfing either most of the day or twice a day.  Some surf camps here in Hawaii focus on yoga or other activities and a lot of time is taken away from surfing.

My surf camps here in Hawaii focus on surfing, pure surfing. We surf until we are too tired to surf anymore and then when everyone is satisfied we find other fun things to do like swim with our beautiful sea turtles we have here and go hike to waterfalls. So choose wisely when you’re coming to Hawaii for a surf camp and make sure you are spending your money on a surf camp that best suits your needs. God bless and aloha and I hope to see you in one of my surf camps here in beautiful Hawaii soon.

Men’s Surf Camps

If you’re looking for a men’s surf camp in Hawaii this is the perfect camp for you!  I offer a really fun week of surfing and cruising on the beautiful North Shore of Oahu!  Whether you’re a really good surfer or a beginner surfer the North Shore of Oahu is the best place to have a camp!  We have so many waves that range from expert to intermediate to total beginner level.  My camps are mostly all about surfing… but when you’re too tired to surf anymore we find other really fun things to do like jump into a waterfalls and go swim with sea turtles!  Hope to see you surfer boys soon! Please check my women’s surf camp page for my full weekly schedule and accommodations!

a man riding a wave on top of a body of water
a woman holding a dog on a beach

Co-Ed Surf Camps

Prefer to surf in a mixed company? We offer co-ed surf camps on Oahu’s North Shore that are open to all ability levels! Like our other Oahu surf camps, we include fun in the sun, swimming with Hawaiian sea turtles, and hiking as well. Come and enjoy Sunset Suzy’s Surf Camps and encounter a week of surfing on Hawaii and an adventure you will never forget! Suzy is happy to take you into a camp on any date that works for you! Just give her a call or send her an email!

Contact Us to Book a Camp