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Anyone can surf!!!

a person riding a surf board on a body of water

Aloha everyone! Ive had the absolute blessing of teaching all kinds of people how to surf.  The physically challenged, the blind, kids with downs syndrome, autistic children, people who have been in accidents and no longer have feeling in some of their extremities.

Wounded warriors who have been injured in the line of duty, and the list goes on.

These are some of my most favorite surf lessons.  I have always had a huge heart for anyone who has a special situation.

Surf lessons can absolutely be super beneficial for everyone.  No matter what type of condition, I welcome anyone who is willing to try to learn how to surf.  After all anything is possible if you believe!

If you or perhaps your child or loved one has any type of special condition, please don’t hesitate to let me work with you in the ocean.

The ocean is a healing place and not only is soothing to the body but to your soul.

I think all of the people I’ve had the blessings to teach how to surf all have one thing in common.  That is when they catch waves, they all smile from ear to ear.  No matter what is going on, or what type of physical ability you have, the ocean waves will make you smile!

I am involved with the make a wish foundation.  I’ve had so many wish recipients that have a terminal illness and one of their last wishes is to surf in Hawaii.  These also are my favorite surf lessons!  I feel so blessed to be part of what could be their last wish.

So please do me a favor and call me if anyone has a condition where you don’t believe you or your child could surf.

I promise you we will get you in the ocean.  And even if you don’t stand up, you can catch a wave on your stomach, and have the thrill of your lifetime, and have a huge smile on your face!

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