Surf lessons on oahu
Surf lessons on Oahu for the whole family

If you’re looking for am Amazing fun adventure for the whole family to do together! Surfing is the ultimate thrill that you can all share together!


Beginner Surf Lessons on Oahu include:

  • 2 hour surf lesson
  • Soft-top Longboard Surfboard
  • Surf leash
  • Rash guards

If you are an absolute beginner looking to for beginner surf lessons on Oahu there are a few extra consideration every aspiring surfer should have when evaluating surf instructor:
  • Experience teaching beginners to surf?
  • Certified Lifeguard?
  • Familiar with the local surf breaks and conditions?
  • Permitted legal business for teaching surf lessons?
  • Proper surf equipment-soft tops for safety!

  Winter Surf Spots

Surf lessons in the winter time move to another cove called Puaena Point. This is the perfect protected cove from the big waves. I have had small children surfing here in the heart of winter and they have a blast! The cove is also filled with beautiful Hawaiian sea Turtles that swim all around you and come up to say hello. This one climbed up on the beach after our surf lesson!