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Turtle Sightings

Turtles on North Shore Oahu, Haleiwa

Aloha Everyone! We had an amazing day today with a nice family from Montana! In every surf lesson we not only get to surf fun small Hawaiian waves but we also get to see Hawaiian sea turtles!  The turtles have multiplied over the years now that they are on the endangered species list.  Its very rare that you wont see a sea turtle while taking a surfing lesson.  The surf was small today and so perfect for the whole family to enjoy.  Mom and dad were even trying to surf on their own!  Surf lessons on Oahu are really fun for the whole family to do together.  Everyone is laughing and sharing some nice quality time in the water together.  So If your looking for surfing lessons here in Hawaii and if your on the island of Oahu please give us a call! See you in the water!! Alooooooha! Suzy

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