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Surf lessons for women

Surf lessons on Oahu with sunset Suzy.

Surfing lessons for women is getting popular!  Now days if you go into the ocean, It not uncommon to see more women in the water than men!  Especially here in Hawaii.  Why not, it’s a spectacular sport where you can immerse yourself into some ocean therapy.

Beginner surf lessons on Oahu can be fun and great if you know which surf school to surf with.

Now days there are so many surf schools to choose from!  So, how do I choose a surf school in Hawaii?

Surf schools on Oahu are plentiful.  If you would like to take a surf lesson on the north shore of Oahu, Try Sunset Suzy and meet her lovely dog, Luna. Suzy does specialize in beginners and teaching women how to surf.

If you dont decide to take a surf lesson with Suzy then make sure the surf school you do choose has good reviews, is credited, and

specializes in beginners.

Suzy will offer the ultimate guide to surfing on the north shore of Oahu.  Great tips for beginners, such as where to surf safely, what equipment to use and what board to paddle on for your ability and weight.

If you’re a beginner, you want a bigger board.  Never paddle out to an unknown surf spot, or alone.

Surfing on the north shore can be extremely dangerous, if you do not know where your going or what your doing.

So why not be safe when your learning to surf in hawaii.

Its a great idea to take a surf lesson, not just to learn how to surf but where to learn to surf safely and know the ocean.