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Safe to surf on the north shore in the winter!

images IMG_3852The north shore can have huge waves in the winter!  It is home to some of the best and biggest waves on the planet.  That’s why we have the worlds top pros come to the north shore of Oahu to surf and compete every winter.  We have our world famous surf spots like pipeline and Sunset Beach that hold big wave surf contests every winter.

However there is a small wave spot here on the north shore that God created for the beginner surfers!  It is a small cove that is protected from the big waves and provides perfect small rolling waves for all ages even in the big winter surf months.

So if you and your family are looking for surf lessons on the north shore even in the winter time, I have the perfect place to teach you where you will be safe and surf and have a blast!  And after your lesson you can venture up the coast to see the big waves or surf  contests we have here every winter!  We even have 3 year olds out in the winter time at the cove.

So see surf lessons on the north shore of Oahu in the winter can still be perfect for the whole family! Let me show you!