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My Golden Retrievers!

Many people come to take surf lessons with me for my dogs.

I love how most people are absolute dog lovers!  And Coco and Kaya don’t let people down.  Kaya is a big fluffy seal.  She could swim from one island to the next if she had too.  And is hard to keep her out of the water.  She is always by my side to help me teach you beautiful people how to surf.   Usually trying to lick your faces while your doing the beach lesson.

Suzy and Coco on a surf board

Kaya half dog half seal.

Many people ask me if she still surfs.  She used to surf with me on my surf board when she was younger.  Now she has figured out that is even more fun to stay on the beach and get petted by all the tourists for a few hours.

She is an absolute joy and a warm comfort for all of you who are missing your dogs back home.

Coco my other golden is also a jewel to be around.  She is a little more spunky and is always begging me to throw a coconut into the ocean for her to chase.  She will also make sure to lean up on you and make you pet her.  And when you stop she will give you a little nudge with her nose and insist you keep petting her.

So if you love dogs we would love to spend the time on the beach with you and surfing with you!

Coco and Kaya will share their Aloha with you all day long!

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