Sunset Suzy’s Hawaiian Surf School offers private surf lessons on Oahu for beginners and intermediate surfers.  Often taking her students to the lesser known or “secret” surf spots to avoid the tourist crowds, Sunset Suzy can take you to the best possible location to complement your skill level and the current weather and ocean conditions.

North Shore Oahu Private Surf instruction

A private surf lesson on Oahu will ensure you receive highest possible ratio of student to teacher attention during your surf lesson.     If you want to get the most out of your limited time surfing, a private surf lesson on Oahu is the way to go.   Suzy can meet you where you are with you skill level and work with you on a beginner level or more advanced.  We work on timing, catching your own waves, popping up, turning , wave selection, body position, and catching some bigger waves.

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Private Surf Lessons on Oahu for Beginners

Private Surf Instruction North Shore Oahu

Of all the Islands in Hawaii, Oahu is most famous for its abundance of excellent surfing beaches.  However this is also an abundance of surfers crowding many of the well know surf spots which can make learning to surf on Oahu challenging for beginners.   Thus booking a private surf lesson on Oahu highly recommended for beginners and intermediate surfers who are unfamiliar with the ocean topography, waves and currents of the surf spots.

Private Surf Lessons on Oahu for Women

North Shore Oahu Private Surf instruction

Looking for a sensitive, caring friendly female surf instructor on Oahu who was also a city and county lifeguard? If so only one individual, only one Hawaiian Surf School can meet your needs! Renown as one of the friendliest humans you’ll ever meets, and the only female city and county north shore lifeguard, Sunset Suzy was the first surf school in Hawaii to cater to women. With hundreds of women crediting Suzy as being integral to their first surfing experiences. If your a women considering surfing on Oahu, give Suzy a call. She understands and caters to the unique needs and considerations of women learning to surf on Oahu.

Private Surf Lesson on Oahu for Kids

Keiki surf Lessons North Shore Oahu

Kids require special attention when learning to surf on Oahu. Are they adequate swimmers? Are they extra timid about the ocean, or fearless to a point of concern? Sunset Suzy’s Hawaiian Surf school is one of the most experienced surf schools on Oahu when in comes to teaching kids to surf. From kid sized boards to special beaches with super safe conditions, when booking a private surf lessons for kids on Oahu, you rest assured you children will be in good hand with Sunset Suzy.

Private SUP Lessons on Oahu

SUP Lessons North Shore OahuStand-Up Paddle boarding or “SUPing” is the hottest new trend in Hawaii when it comes to getting out on the water. The boards we use for SUPing are referred to as paddle boards however not to be confused with prone paddle boards, SUPs are designed to be ridden standing up using a long oar, or paddle to propel yourself instead of your hands directly in the water. A private SUP lesson will have you up and SUPing with confidence in no time. Whether you want to SUP in the waves or just around the flat water for exercise and to enjoy the view, a private lesson SUP lesson on Oahu with Sunset Suzy is the best way to expedite the learning curve and ensure you are SUPing safely. Sunset Suzy’s Hawaiian Surf School has special SUPs for paddle surfing as well as boards ideal for downwind SUPing.