Private Surf Lessons on Oahu

Experienced Surf Instructor on OahuAre you looking for one on one attention’ Private surf lessons on Oahu will ensure you get undivided attention from your surf instructor.  Each lessons last for 2 hours and is filled with private surf instruction, countless waves, and close encounters with sea turtles.Learn more

Group Surf Lessons on Oahu


Fun and affordable group surf lessons on Oahu enable you and your group of friends or family to learn to surf together.  This is the perfect way to have your whole family enjoy the ocean together.  We have several instructors to work with everyone both young and old so you can all surf at the same time!Learn more

Surf Lessons for Kids On Oahu

Surfing kids lessons

We specialize in teaching kids how to surf and making them feel safe!  Each surf  lesson for children are filled with very fun small easy waves that often are surrounded by sea turtles which makes it fun and exciting Learn more

Sunset Suzy Surfing on Oahu
– North Shore Style –

Aways from crowds and busy waikiki lifestyle, we surf on the quite North Shore of Oahu

– Photography –

Professional photography of your surf lesson is available! Ask Suzy about this when booking!
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– Dogs –

kaya my surfing dog will show you her surfing skills!


 Softop longboards designed for safely learning to surf!

– Rashguards –

Longsleeve Rashguards protect against chaff and sun exposure.

– Leashes –

Surfboard leashes ensure that your board stays near by when you fall.