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family surf lessons on oahu

Hawaiian sea turtles

About Hawai’i’s Sea Turtles Hawai’i is the home to five species of sea turtles (see column at right). Olive ridleys, loggerheads and leatherbacks are usually only encountered in deep offshore waters. But it’s common for snorkelers and divers on all the islands to see the honu (green sea turtle) in near shore waters. Green sea turtles, however, nests in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, a remote, protected area where they thrive. Unfortunately, honu (greens) are suffering from a disease called fibropapillomatosis. This herpes-family virus causes the growth of white to blackish, cauliflower-like tumors. These grow on the soft tissues of the turtle’s body, internally and externally, and inhibit foraging, breathing, mobility and digestion. It is unclear what causes this disease, but research is ongoing worldwide to find a cure. To some, the Hawaiian name for hawksbill sea turtles is ‘ea, but…

Safe to surf on the north shore in the winter!

The north shore can have huge waves in the winter!  It is home to some of the best and biggest waves on the planet.  That’s why we have the worlds top pros come to the north shore of Oahu to surf and compete every winter.  We have our world famous surf spots like pipeline and…