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Sunset Suzy Surfing in Fiji

Sunset Suzy Surfing in Fiji. Surfing in Fiji was a spectacular surf trip and I feel so blessed to have the eyes to see such a beautiful place. Surfing in Fiji is a one of a kind surf trip and probably the most beautiful place on planet earth. I think God made this place for himself!

Experienced Surf Instructor on Oahu

Being a surfer girl I love to travel to exotic location around the world and find surf and adventure! Surfing in Fiji is amazing!

Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to go to Fiji! Fiji is in the south pacific and is blessed with 78 stunning islands that are surrounded by sapphire blue water and snow white beaches. The surf is amazing and breaks around these islands in perfect shape. The water and air are the same temperature and it makes it heaven on earth for a surfer. I made friends with some Austrailian surfers who let me be part of the crew on their sailboat. Together we sailed and explored the Fijian islands looking for the best surf for the day. Some of the islands out there with the best surf are Tavarua island and Namotu. This truly was a surf trip from Heaven and I thank god I was able to go to Fiji and have the trip of a lifetime!

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